Hilo The Movie


In an age where dignified living and humanitarian values are tested in an international level, under the heavy fire of a financial cold war, three people send a message of solidarity working together for the creation of an awakening, short, animated movie.


 The movie unfolds around a young boy during the Spanish Civil War of 1936 (also known as: “La Guerra”). It all starts on the day that the north province of Spain is attacked by Franco, the infamous general and dictator who staged a coup and plunged Spain into a bloody civil war with the intension of making his own country a totalitarian state.


Meaning of the word “Hilo”


“Hilo”, in Spanish means “thread”. It could be the thread of people’s life. Or the imaginary link which connects us, all humans, around the world. This link could be our common language, our common beliefs, our needs, our interests, our goals or our common purpose on Earth. In any case,“hilo” means indisputably “brotherhood” and “solidarity”.

Movie Synopsis


"Hilo" is the story of Aaron, a farm boy living in the Spanish countryside in the 1930s. A charismatic child, born and struggling through loss, poverty and the outbreak of a revolution that would tear apart his country. In the midst of a social chaos, in an age were oppressed workers and farmers fight to the end to free their land of the fascist leaders, what changes the course of Aaron’s life is a message. A message written bravely, on a wall, during a battle between nationalist forces and a revolutionary brigade:

"In the sight of a machine that demolishes your dreams, the greatest crime is your silence."

The Allegorical Character

Aaron, a Sephardim orphan, is one to be tested by poverty, social crisis and fascist violence in the break of the Spanish civil war. He is a tiny glimpse of light in the endless darkness of inhumanity. As a young boy, his age may deprive him of experience, but he does not lack wisdom. To the contrary, his selfless actions are the brightest lessons that we, as adults, should try to learn from. And behind his face, that small-big hero's face, we find ourselves feeling the same, thinking about our own historic and forgotten battles. Everyday battles. Battles for a better life.

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